Climbing Into the light

Lately the Owl has written about the authentic humanity that thrives in eschatological consciousness; invulnerable to the political obsessions and commercial manipulations that are constantly thrown up to us by secular culture. This is the true freedom of which the Apostle Paul could speak only after he had been knocked down and blinded. It meant such a radical change to him that he likened to the death of the old man. He had discovered that his true life was hidden in God with Christ (Colossians 3:3). Nor was this some kind of mystical flash; rather it was the beginning of his worldly work, full of realities as concrete as prison chains. True freedom endures such rigors.

Coming out from under a dehumanizing secular culture, ordinary men and women who are not apostles or heroes can exercise a powerful order of freedom: making meaning out of history, replete as it is with terrors and frustrations. This is the unique human prerogative, the thing no other creature can do. We are likely to overlook this aspect of human freedom because we are so used to thinking individualistically, but this freedom we realize collectively, by living through and interpreting our past, present, and future. Every day we make innumerable decisions, many in conflict, by which we create those great works of imagination, cities and civilizations, overlapping and succeeding each other in time and space.

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