The Church’s Acceptance

Lately in church we heard the familiar message that wherever two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, there he is. Next we learned he is not only in each person, but even in the decor of the sanctuary: the flowers, the banners, and the aura of the place—in the deacon too! Not a suggestion comes out that he’s in the silence that eclipses personalities and distractions; that most eloquently bespeaks his steadfast patience.

Once my friend Ev asked, Suppose Jesus walked in on a Sunday worship service of ours. What would he do? Lenny Bruce had an answer in one of his routines. Jesus and Moses show up at St. Patrick’s, Manhattan. Soon the place fills up with gimps and crips, and the commotion is terrible. The Archbishop gets on the hotline to Rome: “What are we gonna to do? We’re up to our ass in wheelchairs and crutches here!”

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