A Moral Universe?

While our country and others are roiled by divisive political questions, the Owl proposes a theological one that cuts deeper: Do we live in a moral universe or not? Are we under a moral imperative to make the world better? Probably most American Protestants would say that it i, and we are so commissioned.

Another way of putting the question is this: Are there two worlds or one? Does God command us to turn this world into a peaceable kingdom? Or has he prepared another place for us, to which this is an anteroom, a way station, or a refining fire? Is it actually getting better, or ought we to confess our inability to make it so and long for the next?

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Chaos Schmaos

Back a few posts, the Owl noted that some readers find his writing too hard to understand. That is at least partly my fault. A good writer tries to keep it simple and direct. It’s also because of the subject matter: theology just isn’t always simple and direct. Please forgive if this entry only makes matters worse.

I had sent my friend Ken a passage from Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics (III.3,477ff.). He pleaded: Is there a way to make it a little clearer for someone like me? I sent him the following:

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Darwin and Dread

A few days ago the Owl ventured some remarks about that old bugaboo, Science and Religion. By now, one would think there is nothing fresh left to say on the subject. In spite of that we ask the reader to indulge us on an even more seductive canard, the authority of Charles Darwin, that flies in the teeth of the creation stories in Genesis. Sophomores like to point out there are two narratives on the subject in Genesis; the Biblical account is contradictory on its face.

Actually, there are at least four accounts of creation in the Bible—one in the eighth chapter of Proverbs, and another in God’s reply to Job. This is not the place for elaborate exegesis; only to address the obvious: that one can’t talk long about science and religion without Darwin’s name coming up. The fact is, there is a definite conflict between Christian faith and what is called Darwinism, but it has nothing to do with Genesis.

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