Faith vs. Belief

Some of our unchurched friends think faith arises from an irrational will to believe. In truth, there is such a human tendency. It is the reason we have the law against idolatry, given by Jhwh at Sinai. The true God frustrates our will to believe by not showing himself, or showing only his backside moving away (Exodus 33:17–23). Any belief in the presence of this God is belief in him, not about him.

The difference between ‘in’ and ‘about’ is more than a rhetorical trick. It prevents us from domesticating God, grasping him to ourselves. The Phillips translation of the New Testament (1958) says “the kingdom of God is inside you,” a suffocating position for both man and God. Our beliefs about God are vain unless God has visited himself upon us first. Then we might have beliefs, and perhaps be able to speak of them; things we might never have thought were it not for our own private Jabbok.

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