Owl overhead

A few Owl readers have commented on these posts, saying it they are hard to understand; they’re not sure they got the idea. Part of that is this writer’s fault. (Dropping the Owl persona for a moment and reverting to the vertical pronoun) I used to be a lot worse, flailing away at the keys. If the reader cared, it would be worth it to plow through my tortured grammar. That flies against everything real writers say: Keep it clear and simple; you’re not here to be clever; you’re supposed to be communicating a message. To my readers at that time I apologize, and I probably owe fresh apologies to present followers too.

Sometimes, I say. Because part of the problem is in the nature of the message. That’s what necessitates the item “What the Owl I Trying to Say,” and the sequels on the nature of faith, “What Faith Is Not,” part I, Part II, and Part III. Here’s the rub. (I assure you I know it from the inside, because it kept me from understanding Karl Barth the first few times I tried him.) I thought I was already pretty well versed in Christianity—went all the way through seminary didn’t I? And I guess I was, if by Christianity we mean only the freight with which our so-called Christian culture has loaded our heads. But the Owl asks you to put all that in suspense, and that’s asking a lot.

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God’s Covenant With Us

The Owl continues unfolding What the Owl Is Trying to Say, using five main terms for the outline. Now we are up to the word “Covenant.”

The valiant reader may recall our saying the covenant between God and humankind is really a series of covenants, each with a specific sign and promise, all given on God’s initiative: the Noachic Covenant, with the sign of the rainbow and the promise that God will never again destroy all life on earth with a flood. There follow covenants with Abraham, making him the patriarch of a numerous people; then the covenant with Moses at Sinai, giving Israel the law of Jhwh and making himself their God and them his people. Without ever calling that into question, we have the New Covenant established in Jesus Christ.

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