Spiritual-Political Hazards – Part II

4. Manichæism

In Part I the Owl described the perverse devolution of misery into a market good. A corner has been turned. Aggrandizement and titillation (the old fashioned words have no good replacements) act on people like a drug habit; it takes a new evil every  day to keep the party going. Reporters will find it for us. Delight in ourselves comes to include identification with the unhappiness we started out to change. Solidarity, however imaginary, with degraded people becomes more important than ending the degradation.

We are entertained by misery. One need only turn to recent entertainment media (never forget that is what they are): television, movies, social media even chichi advertising. They gain attention by including what we enjoy so much: human oddities, disasters, injustice, and misery.

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