Eschatological Freedom

Of all church teachings, probably one of the most ignored is that about the second coming Jesus Christ. We await a miraculous intervention, a complete change of times, or the abolition of time as we know it. Christ’s rule effects the perfection of the world, whatever our efforts may have accomplished for good or ill. At the level of individual salvation, while we wait, we make the effort to live obediently, to contribute to  others’ well-being. Our actual successes and failures are not ultimately decisive, for we are saved by grace alone.

It is hard to give up the idea that what we do, or at least our willingness to do right, somehow enters into the transaction. The only alternative seems to be a doctrine of double predestination, leading into all the insidious anxieties of Puritanism in search of assurance, letting moralism in again, through a side door.

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Uncommon Prayer

One of the greatest gifts of faith is undoubtedly the power of prayer, spanning the gulf between God and us. Perhaps the most elemental kind of prayer is simply waiting on God in silence; quiet the chattering monkey inside, and hope to hear. One’s daily work can be done prayerfully; repetitive work like sanding a board can be a mantra.

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